Applied Data Sciences Seminar and Evaluation of Industrial Curriculum Updates

On January 23, 2020, the Information System D3 Study Program as a seminar organizer held a seminar entitled “The Role of Data Science in Information Systems by the Jakarta Pulse Lab and Applied Data Science in Bukalapak by Bukalapak”. Procurement seminars that bring industry practitioners to broaden students’ insights and to gain valuable input from industry as a periodic curriculum evaluation and update by study programs at the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

Dr. Rajius Idzalika provides material
Rahmatri Mardiki, M.Sc receive a certificate

This seminar was presented by Dr. Rajius Idzalika (Data Scientist from Pulse Lab Jakarta) and Rahmatri Mardika, M.Sc (AI / Software Engineer from Bukalapak). Dr. Rajius provided material on the evolution of data sciences in information systems that developed from data mining, then became data analytics/business intelligence and became data sciences in the current era. Data sciences are slices from various disciplines including statistics, mathematics, machine learning, computer sciences, and subject matter expertise.

An overview of platforms and prototypes created by Jakarta’s pulse lab that focuses on developing applications that have a social impact

Pak Rahmatri Mardiki, M.Sc from Bukalapak provided material on applied data sciences to Bukalapak to help provide product recommendations for customers. The recommendation system is a system that provides advice and services using the preferences of each user and its rating. the recommendation system is divided into 2 namely Collaborative Filtering (recommendations using the history of user purchasing behavior) and Content-Based Filtering (product-based recommendations).

The platforms used in Bukalapak

Dr. Rajius and Mr. Rahmatri provided input for the creation of a new curriculum for study programs at the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Input from the industry is needed for study programs to align teaching material that will be provided with the needs that exist in the industry. Some input from the industry is the importance of growing a sense of understanding data for students by providing a statistical and mathematical basis as well as skills for exploring data.

Discussion of inputs for making a new curriculum
The head of the Study program listens for input from the industry

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