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Before transforming into Telkom Applied Science School, this faculty was known as TelkomPolytechnic which was previously established from 2 ICT training programs, namely STT Telkom Professional Program and NIIT & Telkom Center. Those two training institutions were then merged and formed a new vocational higher education institution. On December 27th 2007, Telkom Polytechnic was officially announced by Director of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. Bapak Rinaldy Firmansyah.

1st Telkom Pololytechinc Director A.T Hanuranto

Telkom Polytechnic was present by carrying out missions to give contribution to Indonesian and people of the world by producing graduates that have international perspective and ability in competing globally. This is contained in the creed of “Giving and Caring the World.” KHAS (Knowledge, Hard skill, Attitude and Soft skill) Development System is the continual aspects to improve as guide to enter industrial world. The implemented learning system uses “Commence System” approach, namely: Coaching, Mentoring, and Coaching. This method is the appropriate medium for vocational education that focuses mainly on competency improvement in ICT. As a new vocational higher education, the existence of Telkom Polytechnic immediately caused the increasing academic competition atmosphere. It was proven by some achievements, such as in 2011, Telkom Polytechnic won the third place in National Best Student, and in the following year, 2012, it won the first place in National Best Student. Besides that, Telkom Polytechnic team won the second place in National Polytechnic English Olympic in 2013, and in 2012, it got the third place in National University Debating Competition in Indonesia.

2nd Director of Telkom Polytechnic Budi Sulistyo

Telkom Polytechnic also established cooperation with industries. In the end of 2012, Telkom Polytechnic renewed the concept of Job Training in Industries, in which the students wouldbe engaged professionally in industries and get the similar treatment as regular employees. That means the students having job training in industries would get remuneration and other rights as employees. Up to 2013, there were more than 500 students hired by industries for having job training, such as more than 20 industries in telecommunication, bank, information system, media, consumer goods, and one of world organizations, namely International Labour Organization. The facilities used are the results of technology development by Telkom Polytechnic internal team, namely lecturers and students involved. The established academic system got the attention from one of the best public universities in Bandung and some other universities from outside Java because it is acknowledged as integrated and reliable academic system. In the process of merging into Telkom’s University in 2013, Telkom Polytechnic transformed into the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FIT) or Telkom Applied Science School (TASS). Subsequently, in 2014, naming Telkom Applied Science School (TASS) was changed to the School of Applied Science (SAS).
Director of Telkom Polytechnic
  • Ir. Ahmad Tri Hanuranto, M.T. (2007–2010)
  • Ir. Budi Sulistyo, M.T. (2010–2013)
Dean of Applied Science Faculty
  • Angga Rusdinar, S.T., M.T., Ph.D. (2021 – now)

    Angga Rusdinar, S.T., M.T., Ph.D.

Currently in the School of Applied Sciences, there are seven study program with Diploma levels of education (D3) include:
  1. Computerized Accounting  (Accreditation A)
  2. Information Management    (Accreditation A)
  3. Computer Engineering         (Accreditation A)
  4. Marketing Management       (Accreditation B)
  5. Informatics Engineering       (Accreditation A)
  6. Telecommunication Engineering (Accreditation A)
  7. Hospitality                               (Accreditation A)
  8. Multimedia System                 (Accreditation C)
In order to support the research activities, we have also several groups of faculty expertise include:
  1. Installation Operation & Maintenance of Tellecommunication
  2. Interactive System
  3. IT Governance and Enterprise Systems
  4. Accounting & Information Systems in Enterprises
  5. Programming & Interactive Multimedia
  6. Commerce Management
  7. Embedded and Network Systems
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