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Information System

D3 Information Systems (SI) study program is a study program that plays a role in the development and management of information systems. Students will be equipped with 3 specializations, namely Specialization in Database Development, Specialization in Multimedia & Creative Contents and Specialization in Software Development.

Marketing Management

The Marketing Management Study Program is a study program that runs vocational education in the field of Marketing Management. This study program is equipped with various types of knowledge, expertise and abilities that will shape their competencies in the field of Marketing Management, such as Product Development Strategies, Pricing Techniques, Determination of Product Distribution, Marketing Communication Techniques, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, and Consumer Services. Also, there are supporting courses that can improve the competency and competitiveness of graduates, namely: ICT Literacy, English, Office Applications, Graphic Design, and Entrepreneurship.

Accounting Information System

Accounting Information Systems (AIS) Study Program is a study program in Computer science family specializing in Accounting solutions. D3 SIA Study Program provides balanced material between the fields of computers and accounting. Students are equipped with basic computer science, especially information systems and strong accounting knowledge.

Application Software Engineering

Study Program Application Engineering Software is learning for soft skills and Hard Skills to meet the Job Position target from the industry. Able to design and develop software

Computer Technology

Computer Technology Study Program is learning about the fields of computers and technology. Students will be equipped with 2 specializations, namely:

Embedded System
Network Engineering

Telecommunication Technology

Telecommunication Technology study program is a study of telecommunications, in addition to learning basic Programming, Website Programming, C ++ Programming, Also, it also teaches some Programming on Microcontrollers and IoT.


The Hospitality study program is a vocational-based study program that prioritizes work expertise in the hospitality sector namely catering, dining, hotel front office, housekeeping, and pastry. Telkom University Hospitality combines basic theory with real-world practice to provide experience on the basics and concepts of various fields in the hospitality field, by providing academic education together with vocational core competency training.

Multimedia Engineering Technology

Multimedia Engineering Technology study program that focuses on mastering expertise in the field of multimedia technology and multimedia content in a distributed system. Students will be equipped to have mastery in the use of multimedia devices, possess a mastery of multimedia technology, and have expertise in mastering interactive multimedia technology both standalone or in the form of a distributed system and have Games development expertise based on distributed systems both based on wired and wireless networks.