Visit from Thailand

Monday, March 19, 2018, Faculty of Applied Sciences Telkom University received a visit from three students from Thailand. They are Miss Pornchita Phomrat from Lopburi College 2, Miss Mueanfun Kanpricha from Phichit College and Miss Chamaiponr Todelang from Lopburi College. These stundes are participant of a a student exchange program in Indonesia for a month. During the first 2 weeks of this visit, the students studied at SMK Telkom Bandung.

While in Bandung, they are interested to know about the campus of Telkom University. Accompanied by Mr. Wahyu Nur as a teacher at SMK Telkom, Miss Phomrat, Kanpricha and Todelang visit the Faculty of Applied Sciences. In the Faculty of Applied Sciences the three students were received by Mr. Setia Juli Irzal (FIT Secretariat), Mr. Hanung Nindito (Head of Laboratory), Mrs. Yayuk and Mr. Senna from the International Office.

Mr. Setia Juli gave an explanation of what courses are available at the Faculty of Applied Sciences Telkom University. At a discussion session Miss Phomrat asked about the D3 Hospitality courses in the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Then Mr. Hanung invites the students to see the atmosphere of lectures and laboratories in the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The students got the opportunity to visit the Lab Network, Robotics, MicroPLC, Kitchen, Restaurant and office & lounge lab. The visit ended by visiting the open library of Telkom University.

Miss Chamaiponr Todelang, Miss Mueanfun Kanpricha and Miss Pornchita Phomrat from Thailand

Three students visit the Kitchen Laboratory

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