Faculty of Applied Sciences opens new courses D4 Multimedia Systems.

Telkom University Faculty of Applied Sciences opens new courses D4 Multimedia Systems.

Prodi D4 Multimedia Systems focuses on expertise in the field of multimedia technology and multimedia content in distributed systems. Graduates D4 Multimedia Systems is expected to be able to use of multimedia devices,expert in multimedia technology, and has ability in t interactive multimedia either in standalone system or in the form of distributed systems and able to develop Games based on distributed systems.

Here’s some information about Prodi D4 Multimedia Systems.
Learning Outcome:

  • Able to develop interactive applications or games  and multimedia content
  • Mastering the principles and techniques of multimedia application design, visualization techniques as well animated 2D / 3D,
  • Able to develop Games, Mobile applications 
  • Able to do application testing,

“Being a course that excel in the field of computer networks, network programming and embedded systems within the scope of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and able to compete in Southeast Asia”

  • Produce skilled professionals, creative, independent, high-power struggle, and noble.
  • Promote a culture of research and development in the field of computer engineering.
  • Duty service profession to promote the welfare of society.
  • Aligning ourselves with stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation.
  • Management and implementation of computer networks.
  • Development of computer systems that are tailored to the needs of users.
  • Software engineering-based cloud computing.
  • Oriented software engineering computer network.
  • Development of embedded systems.
  • Development of the computer control system.


  • Able to manipulate the embedded system applications,
  • Able to build a computer control system,
  • Able to manipulate Programmable Logic Controller-based program.
  • network Engineering
  • Able to manage and mengeimplementasikan computer networks,
  • Able to build computer systems that are tailored to the needs of society and the world of work.
  • network Programming
  • Able to manipulate the program based cloud computing (cloud computing),
  • Able to manipulate the computer network-oriented program.

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